Don’t throw away those Christmas cards, craft with them!

Holiday cards are so traditional and fun! We love receiving them! They make us feel remembered and loved but at the end of the year, it never fails – we’ve a stack of holiday cards that we either throw away or toss in a box somewhere because of their immediate, but quickly fading, sentimental value.

Fun craft ideas for old holiday cards

Now you can gather all of your old holiday cards – whether they’re from loved ones or leftovers from the value box you purchased – and use them in fun and creative new ways!


Gift tags

Not only are they adorable and holiday themed, they’re a great opportunity to use those scrap pieces of wrapping paper. Just glue last year’s cards to the back of them to make them a little sturdier. Now you’re saving money because you’re using leftover supplies and you’re not purchasing gift tags.

If you’re gift giving to friends or family members you’ve received photo cards from last year, use scissors to cut out the picture in a creative shape and write “To:” in permanent marker, punch a hole in the photo and tie to the gift for easy and fun gift identification!

Traditional, old fashioned gift tags


If you prefer the more traditional gift tags, here’s a fun idea! Hit after-holiday sales for inexpensive boxes of cards and cut them into various shapes – rectangles, squares with rounded edges, ovals – and create your own fun gift tags.

These are especially whimsical if you’re lucky enough to find vintage style cards with simple designs. Or, you can cut the pictures or designs from the card and blend them with plain kraft paper tags to create vintage-style tags.

You can also recycle worn out gift boxes as tags! Cut the desired shapes, making sure that the backs are blank. Use a hole punch to create a hole at the top of the card and thread a ribbon through, tying the ends together.


Create a festive centerpiece

Use the above tips to create small cards and hang them with ribbon from branches in a festive vase. You can place your creation in your entry way or on your table as a centerpiece. When your guests visit you for the holidays, have them write a short holiday greeting on a card of their choice and keep them through the winter for a quick shot of cheer!

We did something similar for Ella’s baby shower – it was so cute! After the shower, I put them in an envelope in her memory chest.

Find your perfect match


Get your kids in the fun of holiday recycling! Help them cut out their favorite pictures or characters from Christmas cards past and create a memory game for the whole family!

On the blank side of the cards you’ve cut, you can paste holiday themed photos (of those that you can find or print matches for) to create a game set that is great for at home or on the go.

You might also gift these to your kids’ friends, wrapped with a pretty ribbon! Keep in mind, too, they’re great for holiday road trips.

Create your own ornamentschristmas

These canning lid Christmas ornaments we found on are a new favorite at our house!

You only need a small picture from your cards to use as the background. You can use small foam or plastic details purchased from your craft store (though some cards have these so use them!) for the foreground to give them a 3D feel.

You could even line the outside with glitter for an extra pop! For full instructions, visit Better Homes & Gardens’ site.

We’d love to hear some ideas that you have for recycling old holiday or Christmas cards! Please share a link or idea in our comment section below!

*photos courtesy Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens

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  • What can I do with birthday cards I gave to my mum.who sadly has pass away I have them all beck now. ( what to make from them.)

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