Wedding Planning: A Cute Way To Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

wedding planning
Planning our wedding has not really involved much planning because we had the brilliant idea to begin building our new home at the same time Doug and I got engaged. Don’t get me wrong, we’re beyond any realm of happiness we thought possible and we’re so blessed right now that I dare not ask for me, but I’m a girl so there has to be some wedding planning occurring.

I figured I should, at the very least, ask my best friend to be part of our big day, if for no other reason that to have someone to share the joy with and help me get some of the planning done. But, since I love all things personalized, I wanted a unique way to ask my best friend to be my Matron of Honor.

wedding planning
I looked for days and found this really cute shop on Etsy (of course!) called Finch + Hare that customizable cards that allow you to ask your friends, in the most creative way possible, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”. I love these cards and I couldn’t wait to get hers ordered. I literally stalked the mailman every day until it arrived.

wedding planning
I’m so happy I chose this way to ask. The card is printed on durable quality cardstock and is printed clearly. I love the way it has such a funny message on the front (in this case, it says “I might pee on you.”) and has a thoughtful message on the inside.

Finch + Hare has several from which to choose and you can customize for your wedding party. I paid only $5 for this one and the site does have a special listing for a Buy 4, Get One Free deal.

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