Welcome To The Darkside Of Play: Sphero’s Ollie Darkside Review

I guarantee there are few things that will be opened this Christmas morning that will as fun to play with as Ollie Darkside is.

We received this item for review purposes. All opinions are our own, no matter how evil Ollie Darkside is, he did not sway our opinion.

Sphero, the makers of this year’s hottest toy – the app controlled Star Wars inspired BB-8 – has created Ollie Darkside, an app driven, trick loving, super tough toy that kids and adults will love.

Ollie is super tough with a polycarbonate shell which repels dirt and water. You can drive it down the stairs, through the dirt, or straight into a wall. The developers even drove it off a cliff.

Ollie from Sphero is practically indestructible and a ton of fun

Darkside is guided by onboard intelligence that tracks distance, airtime, color preferences, trick combos, and more. You can drive Ollie the regular kid-way, or put your big boy pants on and start attempting tricks like spins, jumps, and skids.

Meet Ollie Darkside

Darkside had everyone in the house wanting to play and our poor cats running for their lives. Thank God we’re having warmer-than-normal temps because outside, we can let Ollie loose. With even more room, we got crazy with tricks and the fun got even better.

As far as we can tell, there is nothing lacking in this toy. It is a little tough at first to get the hang of the controls, but it is easy to get nuts on the tricks! We love that Darkside is both iOS and Android friendly so no one is feeling left out of this fun! 

Pairing Ollie or Ollie Darkside is a little different from traditional Bluetooth paired toys. Just download the app and tap your phone to Ollie to pair. It also comes with smooth tires for awesome tricks indoors or all-terrain tires for outdoors or more controlled indoor driving.

Unlike many app controlled toys, it lasts up to a full hour on a charge; our app controlled helicopter only lasts a whopping 15 minutes on a full charge. 

Ollie Darkside is the devilishly fun for kids and adults

Darkside can hit speeds of up to 14mph, pull off some pretty diabolical tricks, and can be fully customized with different tires and hubs.

Ollie Darkside lasts up to an hour on a full charge

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