You Might Not Be As Ready For Holiday Guests As You Think

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When we think about stocking up for holiday guests, we think turkey, potatoes, ham, green beans… we often don’t think about the essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, dishwashing liquid, or other household must-haves.


Some things you just don’t want to run out of. Toilet tissue is one of those. Can you imagine one of your holiday guests, in the bathroom, searching for a roll of Charmin while stuck in that awkward sitting position, praying that they don’t have to call for help? Don’t put them through that.

That's a LOT of Charmin!

How about paper towels? When your favorite little nephew spills his entire drink on the floor and because you just grabbed the last sheet of Bounty, everyone is now using your pretty new holiday tea towels to mop it up? Ugh.

Just don’t get caught without everything you need to make your holiday guests feel at home or, at the very least, not leaving them in an awkward position in your guest bathroom.

We have a few tips to help you get your home ready for holiday celebrations or out-of-town guests that might stay with you over the holiday season. No matter when they show up, expected or unexpected, you can be ready for them – even impress them – with your mad guest bathroom skills!

Wow, Your Bathroom Smells Amazing!

Those are not words that are heard very often, but your bathroom will smell so inviting that your guests won’t be able to help but comment on the scent. A pleasant scent; not the one that Uncle Dave left behind.

DIY Scented Bathroom Sachet to welcome holiday guests

Before the holidays, I hit up Costco for giant sized, super filled, and extra everything. One of those items is P&G Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster in the larger package because I know I’ll use it all quickly over the holidays. Partly because I have a smelly teenager, mostly because I wash the towels and sheets for guests and know that Downy Unstopables will help me keep a fresh scent for all my linen. I also have a little secret. I make scented bathroom sachet packs with the Downy Unstopables, some twine or ribbon, and leftover cheesecloth.

Downy Unstopables scented bathroom sachet to welcome holiday guests

Wow, Your Bathroom Looks Amazing

Besides the usual cleaning that you do to your guest bathroom, adding special touches can really make a bathroom feel more inviting. And really, when was the last time a bathroom felt like a place you love to relax (unless you have kids and it’s your only escape)?

Toilet Paper

I like to leave a few extra rolls of super soft Charmin toilet paper underneath the sink, and I even wrap a pretty holiday ribbon around it. No joke – they can just toss the ribbon, but at least if they snoop, they’re finding pretty rolls of toilet paper instead of weird ointments or medications. 🙂

I make sure to leave one on the back of the toilet so that they don’t have to hunt for it should the need arise.

Wrap a simple ribbon around your extra roll of Charmin to greet holiday guests

Place the extra rolls underneath the sink with some seasonal soaps.

Be sure to stock extra Charmin toilet paper under the sink for holiday guests

Want to really blow their minds? Sneak in every once in a while and throw a hotel point on there!

Toilet paper hotel point

What are you doing to get your home ready for holiday guests?

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