You Won’t Believe The Transformation Of Our Custom Sunroom

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This room isn’t just a room; it’s our family’s favorite room. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with the house we’ve built, even before we built it. We knew that this would become the main attraction of our home. The room where everyone migrates. 

I can tell you with absolute certainty that everything we hoped this room would become has been true. It’s the first room our guests notice. They want to sit in here. But, the reason that this room is our favorite became such because of a long process. And our friends at!


The custom wooden blinds featured in this post were provided to us by to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own and were not influenced.

This is how that glorious room began. Kind of. I mean, really it started as a pile of dirt, then some poured concrete for a basement, then some wood and nails. But this is when our sunroom started to take a shape that we could recognize. I remember standing in this room, admiring the view, and picturing how the final result would look. 


See? Even before this room was drywalled and painted, our friends and family who would visit our property stood in this room and fell in love with the house that was not yet a home. They would gawk and the over 180º views. 


The building of our home started in late summer and by Thanksgiving, we were moving into our dream home. We moved from a 900 square foot rental to this magnificent 2750 square foot home that had so much space, we didn’t have enough stuff to fill it. This included our favorite room, the sunroom. We weren’t in a hurry to fill its space or walls because we knew that it would continue to be the favorite room. We debated over the perfect furniture, whether we wanted a theme, and even the color that the walls would be painted. 

However, because we had custom wood window blinds in our rental, we knew that the window treatments in the sunroom had to be custom and had to be from – there was no question about this.



We had multiple phone conversations with Kelly, one of their amazing design consultants. We wanted to capture the feeling of being at a cottage or beach house because of the ocean-like blue paint color we’d decided on and the flood of natural light that poured through the windows. We had even more email conversations with Kelly and she would send us ideas for the room. We were impressed with everything, but found that the Architectural Wood Blinds with a weathered look and a touch of awesome that Kelly suggested and without which, I can’t imagine our choice!

Kelly helped guide us as to how to measure our windows (but has the information on their site, as well as helpful videos). It’s really not that hard, and custom blinds make a huge difference for a room. Any room. Once our blinds arrived, we mounted them according to the instructions. Installation was not hard, but because the windows in the sunroom are so tall, poor Doug’s arms got tired. I, unfortunately, was too short. That was my excuse, anyway.



Once the brackets were mounted (we chose an inside mount for a cleaner look), we just slid the blinds into place and snapped the bracket closed. 



Our designer, Kelly, suggested a matching valance and, my favorite detail of all, the decorate cloth tape feature that shows – this is instead of the traditional white strings that you’d see on most blinds. These really made our custom blinds feel more custom and gave the room a more “cottage-like” feel that I just adored! 

Once they were hung, I wanted to invite everyone to our house to see them. Even if they’d seen the house before, these blinds made such a major difference, that I can’t picture our home without them. They’re perfect, thanks to Kelly at!



So, by now, you’re dying to see the finished look, right? I know; I was, too. I wanted to save the final look for this post, but if you follow me on social media, you might have seen the final look because I couldn’t keep it a secret. Here it is, our heavenly beach front without the beach front sunroom!


With the custom blinds in place, we were able to find pieces, like decor and furniture, that fit the room so well it was like the pieces found us. Here’s what I notice when people sit in our sunroom – their voices drop an octave or two, they relax into the sofa, and they stare out the windows. Being in this sunroom is truly like being at a relaxing beach house. After a while, I expect to look through our new custom blinds at bright white sand and an ocean. Not what used to be a field and woods.


Some of the features that we love are the details that makes important for their customers; all of blinds line up across our windows, there’s a piece on our door that keeps them from flopping around when we open it, and the fit is perfection! They even fit blinds for the little windows above our doors. 

This room is our room. Our favorite room. And, it’s become everyone’s favorite room thanks to the feeling that our custom blinds from gives to our sunroom. Now, for those much lusted after Roman Blinds for our bedroom from, of course,!

Our Custom Blinds: Architectural 2 ¾” Wood Blind Vintage Grain Wild Rice with the Signature Wood Cloth Tapes in the 1 ¼” Lagoon for our windows Architectural 2” Wood Blinds Vintage Grain Wild Rice with the Signature Wood Cloth Tapes in the 1 ¼” Lagoon for our doors


4 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe The Transformation Of Our Custom Sunroom”

  • That turned out gorgeous and I love your choice, I never would have thought to do colored ribbon down the blinds instead of the white string! I have this impossible bay window that we love but is a window treatment nightmare, I need to check out.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ellen. Yes, we were really surprised at what a difference the ribbon made and we rarely leave this room. We don’t even care that there’s not a television in there 🙂

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